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A Hidden Secret Unveiled to General Aviation Enthusiasts in SoCal???

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A Hidden Secret Unveiled to General Aviation Enthusiasts in SoCal…

The Civil Airport Authority at March Air Reserve Base has its Grand Opening of a New GA Terminal at March Inland Port (RIV)

The March Joint Powers Authority held a ribbon cutting and grand opening on May 6, 2015 for the recently completed general aviation terminal and apron at March Inland Port Airport. San-Diego-based C&S Companies was the airport authority’s consultant who prepared environmental, planning, and design for the $9 million development. Arcadis-US provided construction management and supervised Granite Construction’s work on behalf of the airport authority. The project includes a new 5,000-square-foot general aviation terminal and a 150,000-square-foot ramp that can accommodate almost any aircraft size or type. Because the airport is “OPEN TO THE PUBLIC”, general aviation pilots may use March Air Reserve Base (RIV) and its 13,301-foot runway and extensive ramp space without Prior Permission Requests (PPR) or landing permits. The general aviation terminal includes a generous passenger lounge, state-of-the-art theater room, flight-planning room, multi-media conference room, multi-media training room, and the Jet-A-Way Café. Million Air, one of the largest fixed-based operators for private aviation in the world. They occupy portions of the facility and will host a full serve fixed base operation (FBO) including a new café’ for the community and public aviation users. The airport authority has also made it its home. March Inland Port Airport Authority will conduct its operational and administrative functions from the new terminal.

Gary Gosliga, Airport Director stated, “C&S designed a phenomenal facility for the local general aviation community in Riverside County, California. Equally important, the new facility supports domestic and international corporate enterprises that frequent the area primarily because March Inland Port is centered in one of the fasted growing warehouse and logistics development areas in the nation. The amenities offered to pilots is unmatched in the area and has become a source of pride at our airport”. Mr. Gosliga further stated, “The relationship with Million Air, and the investments they have made to the new terminal, have complemented the original design in true “Million Air Fashion”. We have an enthusiastic outlook in the continued development of our civil aviation airport at RIV. It has been a “hidden secret” for years… until now.”

“Where in the LA basin can you find an airport with a 13,301-foot runway, massive amounts of ramp space, a new Million Air FBO, easy arrival and departure procedures to the airport with no congestion and direct access to the major interstates that feed the LA basin?” said Scott Freeman, CEO of Freeman Holdings Group. It is unheard of in the southern California area!”

Million Air Riverside (KRIV) has easy access to Interstate 215 and is only minutes away from multiple industrial and business complexes such as Amazon, Ross, and O’Reilly Auto parts. This location will afford clients ease of travel, un-congested ground movement and the care and service that is the hallmark of Million Air.

Adjacent to the FBO, the March Inland Port Airport Authority has more than 20,000 square feet of ground available for hangar development. Tenants have immediate access to more than 1,000,000 square feet of cargo ramp space for aircraft requiring that type of capability.

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To obtain more about this project, contact Gary W. Gosliga at [email protected]


Granite Construction, Inc. Selected to Construct General Aviation Facilities at RIV

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On September 4, 2013, the March Joint Powers Commission, at its Study Session Meeting held at the March Joint Powers Authority's conference center, approved staff's recommendation to award a construction contract to Granite Construction Company to construct general aviation support facilities at March Inland Port.

Granite Construction Company was one of three companies to bid on the $8 million dollar project. Granite's Vice President for the Southern California Region, Mr. David A. Donnelly, was elated to hear the news that Granite would be constructing the aviation facilities. Mr. Donnelly indicated that Granite's San Diego office will manage this project.

After nearly four and one half years of planning, the project now has a green light. FAA funding will help support the costs to construct the modest facilities. The March Inland Port Airport Authority is governed by the March Joint Powers Authority and manages the airport and the capital improvement projects. The Authority will apply their accumulated FAA entitlement reserves to fund a portion of the project while a special FAA Military Airport Program will dedicate another portion to help pay for construction of the project. In addition, the airport Sponsor's (Airport Authority) is required to pay 10% of total project costs above its entitlement contribution.

Planning for the project was extensive and cost nearly $1.2 million. The Granite bid was $7.6 million, bringing the total cost to construct to $8.8 million. When the Project is complete next summer, it will facilitate business aviation aircraft and private aircraft. This Project also helps meet the property deed covenants and FAA Grant Assurances to be open to the public. In 1995, the property was conveyed to the March Joint Powers Authority specifically for civil aviation and for the benefit of the public. In 1997, a Joint Use Agreement was established for civil aircraft use of the military airport; which had just been realigned from an "active military base" to an Air Force Reserve Base.

The project is expected to offer the areas around the airport (which continue to realize significant development, specifically in warehouse, distribution and logistics facilities) a public utility that will facilitate the needs of surrounding development and support economic growth.

It is anticipated that ground will be broke in December and will be ready for move-in some 300 days later.

Firms involved in this project:

Arcadis US, Inc. - Construction Management

C&S Engineering - Environmental and engineering


AMRO Fabricating Corporation and Boeing - New Business at March Inland Port

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NEW COMMERCIAL AVIATION BUSINESS at the joint use airport. 

Two companies working together to ensure delivery of Boeing's B787-9 to Boeing customers have chosen March Inland Port for their contractual obligations to the Boeing Company.  The facility has everything they need to succeed.  AMRO Fabricating Corporation is leasing a third of the existing airside facility located at the southeast portion of the airport.  Under contract with Boeing, they will fabricate a host of Shipping Mechanical Equipment (SME) designed to fit sections of the B787-800-9.  Parts of the aircraft are assembled around the world.  SME are necessary in order to retrieve sections of the aircraft to be flown to one of Boeing's two  assembly plants. 

A specially designed Boeing 747- 400 is tasked with moving the sections.  Atlas Air operates the aircraft for Boeing and will operate approximately one to two trips per month into March Inland Port to retrieve AMRO's SME. 

"This operation is a great start in replacing aviation related jobs lost when the military base was realigned." said Gary Gosliga, Airport Director of civil airport authority. "The jobs generated by this operation are  well paying engineering, fabricator and inspector positions with AMRO Fabricating Corporation, not to mention a host of support service companies and businesses such as contracted security companies, aircraft service companies, aircraft maintenance mechanics and even a large crane company." 

To date, there are some 83 new "airport direct" jobs and untold indirect jobs and businesses supporting the new business.  AMRO has stated that they will increase staffing over time to an estimated 126 positions; bringing "airport direct" jobs totals over 150." 

The flight activity associated with the ne business is scarce resulting in minimal flight frequency over surrounding communities; while creating high tech, white and blue collar jobs right where we them... in Riverside County.  The airport authority is hoping that the new business at March will draw similar business in the near future.  The airport authority stands firm on creating economic growth in balance with surrounding communities ultimately sustaining a healthy quality of life for generations to come.  This type of business and air operation appears to be a great example of  how to do that.

Proposed GA Facilities Project Environmental Approved

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On August 15, 2012 following a Public Hearing at the March Joint Powers Commission Meeting, environmental documents were approved for the development of general aviation support facilities at March Inland Port in Riverside, California.  Design and engineering of the development project will commence with construction to begin in 2013. This project is necessary for placing March Inland Port in compliance with the public benefit conveyance of surplus military property, property deed covenants and FAA grant assurances.  Recreational and corporate aviation will be able to use the airport in early 2014 following construction of the new support facilities.  The project is funded by March Inland Port Airport Authority and FAA grant funds.  Plans to open the new GA facilities at March Inland Port Airport  is set in the fall of 2014.

General Aviation Access a Possibility?

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March Inland Port Airport Authority is obligated to facilitate public use of the flying facility. The surplus military properties were conveyed for public benefit. In preparation of such accommodations, environmental analysis and impact studies commenced in 2008.

March Inland Port expects to provide facilities and aircraft handling services for general aviation aircraft in the fall of 2014. This model is successful across the country. Military and civil aircraft share airports safely and efficiently. Costs to operate and maintain the airfield are shared by both entities. Civilian aircraft activity helps offset the costs to our military.

As approved in August 2012, GA activity at March Inland Port Airport is expected to be nominal. Extensive studies such as environmental impacts, safety, security and economic impacts were conducted by the March Joint Powers Authority, the governing body for the airport authority. The FAA issued a Finding of No Significant Impact in August 2012 base on a federally regulated Environmental Assessment (EA). There were more than three-years of technical studies in consideration of the project.

The March JPA and March Inland Port Airport Authority both considered that while creating jobs in the area is important, community quality of life and how the airport might impact our community was a paramount focus.

Airports can bring incredible economic stimulus to an area, but they are mostly known for their noise impacts. The MJPA and MIPAA are keenly aware of that and have balanced the development of the airport very well with tenants such as AMRO Fabricating Corporation and Boeing's presence in 2010. Of interest, there are six aviation and tenant support companies located right hear at March Inland Port. There are two aircraft service providers, a crane company, a facility security company, a building maintenance company and an aircraft mechanic company all providing more than 22 full-time jobs; all in support of Boeing and AMRO Fabricating Corp..

AMRO Fabrication Corporation employs 83 full-time positions. Boeing has several on-site engineers to oversee the fabrication work of AMRO.  A host of local support services and vendors supply the airport and its tenants everything under the sun. 

MIPAA is helping March Joint Powers Authority realize their goal to reuse military surplus property with new development and create thousands of jobs. 

General Aviation Access a Possibility? The answer: Yes!