March Inland Port Public Airport (KRIV)

Military and Public Use Airport

Military Owns and Operates Airfield  07:00 L - 23:00 L

MIPAA Owns 356 Acres of Airport Propert for Public Use




March Inland Port Airport is a public joint use airport.  The flying facility is jointly used by March Inland Port Airport Authority (MIPAA) and United States Air Force.  MIPAA owns 361 acres of runway accessible property upon which significant development has occurred.  The property became available when March Air Force Base was realigned in 1996.  Previous to the realignment, March Air Force Base was an "active" military base and is now an Air Force "Reserve" Base.  The FAA 4-letter designator for the airport is KRIV.  March Inland Port has a 13,300 foot runway, manned tower (0700-2300 LCL) and professional aviation services providers for general aviation and commercial aircraft.  March Inland Port is capable of meeting the needs of growing commercial and business aviation demands apparent to significant business and residential development in Western Riverside County.  March Inland Port is also located in  Foreign Trade Zone  No. 244.  A FTZ offers significant tax and tariff benefits to business operating within it.

 The Partnership with the US Air Force is a Win - Win!

Civil Aircraft Operations Offset Military Operating Costs While Existing Military Infrastructure and Operational Support Keep Civil Operating Costs Down all the While Creating Good Jobs in Riverside County!

The United States Air Force owns the majority of the flying facility while the civil airport authority utilizes its runways, taxiways and navigational aids for civil aircraft operations.  The civil airport uses the facilities in accordance with the 1997 Joint Use Agreement and subsequent amendments.  Airport rates and charges are competitive as the civil airport authority shares operating and maintenance expenses with the US Air Force, thereby keeping civil airport costs low and associated user fees competitive.

Administration, Operations and Maintenance of KRIV is controlled by the Air Force and its Base Operation Services (BOS) contractor.  Airport administration, operations, maintenance and capital improvement projects on MIPAA's owned airport property are controlled and managed by the March Inland Port Airport Director with support from the March Joint Powers Authority; the governing body of MIPAA.

March Joint Powers Authority is March Joint Powers Authority is comprised of four jurisdictions whose boundaries merge with the former March Air Force Base properties.  The four jurisdictions include the County of Riverside and the cities of Moreno Valley, Perris, and City of Riverside.  Each jurisdiction selects two elected officials to serve on the Authority?s governing body - the March Joint Powers Commission.  The Authority is designated as the federally recognized reuse authority for the former active duty base surplus property.  The MJPA is commissioned to reuse surplus military property, stimulate community development and to create jobs.  

MIPAA's Airport Director reports to the MJPA Executive Director.  The MJPA provides MIPAA fiscal and development support.  Development projects are expedited through the MJPA Planning Department; the permitting and regulatory department for all development within the MJPA's 4,400 acre development area.  To find out more about the MJPA, please visit them at 

Unlike LA basin and coastal airports, KRIV's arrival and departure routes are not as impacted by the congested LA Basin airspace.  There are virtually no interruptions to arriving or departing aircraft using KRIV.  The tower is manned with professional US Air Force Controllers who provide a high degree of safe and controlled airspace.  KRIV is conveniently located for arrival and departure to the Pacific Rim, Mexico and other international destinations.  KRIV is located close to the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach (maps).  Another benefit of the airfield's location is less congested access to major interstate highways than other airports in Southern California.  Moreover, the weather is exceptional with only a few days of inclement weather affecting air operations. 

 Foreign Trade Zone

On August 21, 2000, the Department of Commerce Foreign Trade Zones Board adopted Board Order No. 1104 - Grant of Authority, Establishment of a Foreign Trade Zone, Riverside County, California Area. This designation is FTZ No. 244, and includes the March Inland Port property, and property on West March designated for business, commerce and industry.   The March Inland Port FTZ includes the air cargo airport facilities and 2000+ acres of vacant land slated for the development of business and commerce center in Riverside County, at former March Air Force Base. What is a Foreign Trade Zone?  Click Link for More Information Foreign Trade Zone  
A foreign trade zone is a restricted-access site, in or adjacent to a Customs port of entry, operated pursuant to public utility principles under the sponsorship of a corporation granted authority by the Board and under supervision of the Customs Service and  Regulations of the Foreign Trade Zones Board (19 CFR Part 400)

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