March Inland Port Public Airport (KRIV)

Military and Public Use Airport

Military Owns and Operates Airfield  07:00 L - 23:00 L

MIPAA Owns 356 Acres of Airport Propert for Public Use

Landing Permits






MILLION AIR, PH. 951.247.2111  FREQ. 130.075

Airline Request for Operational Status

Rates & Fees



Aviation Fueling Fees:

($0.045) per gallon for all fuel placed into any commercial aircraft

($0.10) per gallon for all fuel placed into any general aviation aircraft

Petroleum Product Fee:

Gasoline ? ($0.10) per gallon

Diesel ?     ($0.10) per gallon

Propane ?  ($0.10) per gallon

Oils and Lubricants -

            Oils and other Lubricants - ($0.25) per gallon

Landing Fees (when applicable):

$1.35 per 1000 lbs. of the aircraft certified maximum landing weight

Tenant Vehicle Decal Fees:

$120.00 per licensed on-road motor vehicle.  Vehicle decals are effective July 1st through June 30th and are renewed annually.


Landing Fees:    

Aircraft less than 12,500 lbs. Maximum Gross Take-off Weight - $0.00

Aircraft 12,500 lbs.-74,999 lbs. $1.35 per 1,000 lbs. of Max Gross TAKE-OFF Wt.

Aircraft 75,000 lbs. or greater - $1.35 per 1,000 lbs. of Max Gross LANDING Wt.


Hangar (Not Available)                                    Commercial Parking (Daily)

GA Small -                 N/A                                 Group I & II -           $35.00

GA Large -                 N/A                                 Group III -                $45.00

Commercial -              N/A                                 Group IV -                $55.00

                                                                               Group V -                 $65.00


Tie Downs (Daily)                                           Commercial Parking (Monthly)

GA Single Engine -    $5.00                                 Group I & II -         $ 700.00

GA Multi Engine -     $8.00                                 Group III -              $ 900.00

Jet / Helicopter -       $15.00                                Group IV -            $ 1,100.00

                                                                             Group V -              $1,300.00


Tie Downs (Monthly)

GA Single Engine ?  $55.00

GA Multi Engine -    $88.00

Jet / Helicopter -          $165.00                              


The FBO collects all fees on behalf of the airport authority.


Filming Permits


Film Permit Requirements:                            Download

Film Permit Application:                               Download

Sample Location Agreement:                        Download






The purpose of this policy is to establish a standard procedure for the issuance of film permits that encourages the production of films in the Authority’s jurisdiction and establishes a structured process to control the issuance of permits.




All commercial filming, including still photography and taping in the March Joint Powers Authority or March Inland Port Airport Authority requires a permit issued by the Authority.


Exceptions include films or photographs made: (1) solely for private or family use; (2) for use in criminal investigations or civil proceeding; (3) for news purposes; (4) for charitable purposes; and (5) for development in the government educational and public access channels.  Applications for film permits can be requested by contacting the Film Coordinator, at the following address:


            March Joint Powers Authority                          (951) 656-7000

            14205 Meridian Pkwy., Suite 140                     (951) 653-5558 FAX

Riverside, CA 92518


Most permits can be approved within five days of filing the application.  Since processing certain applications may require the review of different departments, these applications may take longer depending upon the nature and extent of the project.





Responsibility                                                Action

Applicant                                 1.   Obtains copies of Photography/Motion                                                       Picture Permit Application and Film Permit                                                        Policy from Film Coordinator.      

                                               2.      Submit filming plans and if necessary, sets up                                                      appointment with the Film Coordinator to                                                      coordinate and review Film Permit plans and                                                       procedures.


Film Coordinator                    3.   Determines the level of review required by any other



Applicant                                4.   Present evidence of general liability insurance which includes:


a.       Liability insurance: A certificate of insurance will  

be required in an amount not less than $1,000,000

naming the March Joint Powers Authority as a coinsured for protection against claims of third persons for personal injuries, wrongful deaths and property damage before a permit is issued.

b.      Workers’ Compensation Insurance: An applicant shall conform to all applicable federal and State requirements for Workers’ Compensation for all persons operating under a permit.

c.       Performance Bond: To ensure clean up and restoration of the site, an applicant may be required to post a refundable faithful performance bond (amount to be determined) at the time application is submitted. Upon completion of filming and inspection of the site by the Authority, the bond may be returned to the applicant.

d.      For airport filming (Aircraft operating areas);  Applicant will be required to have General Liability, Excess Liability, Automobile ($1,000,000 each occurrence) and Worker’s Compensation.  Liability Insurance of no less than $5,000,000 is required for filming on airport property.  March Inland Port Airport Authority, its officers and employees, shall be named as additionally insured on all liability policies



Applicant                                5.   Obtains written permission from Film Coordinator

Film Coordinator                    6.   Provides permission or denial for use of property.

                                                7.   Calculates actual operating costs and bills applicant for

      service fee.  If filming is within public right of way, applicant is to obtain a permit from Planning.  In addition, if lane or street closure is necessary, a traffic control plan must be submitted with permit application.

Applicant                                7.   Pays service fee, to cover expenses of Authority for any personnel, equipment, and vehicle expenses incurred by the Authority to assist the film project.  The fees will reflect actual costs to the Authority.

Affected Departments            8.   Submits to the Film Coordinator a completed APPLICATION with attachments for final approval.

                                                      Attachments include:

a.       Written approval from applicable department.

b.      Evidence of insurance coverage.

c.       Copy of Business Tax Certificate, if required.

Film Coordinator                    10. Provides approval or denial of completed APPLICATION.


Applicant                                11. Pays Film Permit Fee of $350

12.  Pays filming fee of $1,400 per day or $700 per day if student.

13.  Pays set up/tear down fee $700 per day or $350 per day if student.

 Film Coordinator                   14. Issues Film Permit and if applicable Right of Entry.

Applicant                                15. Deposit Check guaranteeing payment of fees and charges in an amount equivalent to 120% of the estimated charges in the preliminary cost sheet.  Please make checks payable to March Joint Powers Authority.


Applicant must display or have in possession, on site, during filming the permit issued and supporting documents such as Right of Entry executed by the March Joint Powers Authority.